Basic info:

An old-school chaotic twin stick space shoot em' up. You are not the hero - you're part of a squad!

Play single player with the AI team mates or drop in / drop out local co-op!


RewdanSprites based in London, United Kingdom.


Date of release:

Hoping for 04/04/2024. Keep an eye on my Twitter for announcements.


£9.99 GBP. 
$9.99 USD. 
€9.99 Euro. 
Other prices may vary.

Further description:

Inspired by games such as Left 4 Dead, Starfox64 & old-school shoot em’ ups. Crystal comet the video game combines my favourite elements of these games into a 2d twin-stick shooter complete with a story that has multiple endings, multiple routes to progress through the game & tons of unlockables such as:
 spaceships, power-ups & an additional ‘random’ mode! 

Game features:

  • Story mode with unlimited continues & checkpoints!
  • AI team mates & local co-op.
  • Unlockable 'random mode' (things will get crazy here).
  • Perma-death (in random mode) - no continues allowed!
  • Unlockable spaceships / characters.
  • Unlockable power-ups (unlock more for your 'run' when killing bosses).
  • Multiple routes through story mode to reach the end.
  • Multiple endings.


“Blending elements of metal, rock and synthwave - a sound that takes listeners on an interstellar journey inspired by the vastness of space & transports you to cosmic dimensions filled with powerful guitar riffs, pulsating synths & thunderous drums”. 
- Paul Michael Kixx (musician).


Tons of replayability:

With randomised spawns, multiple characters & multiple routes through the story mode as well as multiple endings and a completely random mode (random mode seriously is random- don't say I didn't warn you!). Crystal comet the video game offers plenty to keep you coming back for more with short replayable gaming sessions.
The story mode is much more standardised than the random mode if random isn't your thing whilst still keeping things spicy.

Not as simple as it looks:

In Crystal comet you can dominate using all the tools available to you:
  • Warp if enemies trap you in a corner across the screen and escape.
  • Boost to move faster and grab that power up before it goes off-screen.
  • Fire your top gun in any direction.
  • Fire your front guns like a normal shmup.
  • Each ship also has a special ability - emergency use only!
  • Drop power-ups for your teammates.
  • Repair your teammate’s ships! 


The galaxy is at peace... Suddenly the Crystal comet appears! - An object of great power and wealth corrupting the galaxy causing an all out war across a great many species. A team of unlikely allies forms consisting of the greatest spaceship pilots who ever lived to team up and find the source of the galaxy's corruption. Can they make it to the Crystal Comet in time? Or will they suffer a fate worse than death?
 Let's keep this section 'spoiler' free... Good luck out there pilots!

About the developer:

I started playing video games when I was 5 years old. From the moment I loaded up Mario on the NES I knew I wanted to become a games developer. I tried for over 20+ years to try and break into the industry but could not get in. For years I tried to get a foot in the door as a game tester, writing to companies before I was even old enough to be employed hoping to move into level design. 

After years of failing I decided it was time to make my own game and give it a shot by myself.

These days I use GMS2 to make my own games and do: art, animation, code, sound effects, voice acting & so on. I have a love for AI team mates in games and hope you enjoy playing with my AI in Crystal comet!

About the musician:

With a history of playing lead guitar in various rock and metal bands; Paul Michael Kixx is a multi instrumentalist, music producer & mix engineer. Combining his passion for multi genres of music he brings elements of metal, rock & synthwave to Crystal Comet the video game.

Developer contact:

Additional press images and info:


  • Video game developed by RewdanSprites.
  • Music by Paul Michael Kixx.
  • Level background designs by Mavy Orion.
  • Marketing art by Curz Blayz.

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