Q: How many people worked on the game?

  • Currently I am mostly a solo games developer but I work with a musician. There have been other contributors to the game such as: A level background artist, narrative voice actor & marketing artist etc.

Q: How long has it been in development?

  • I started this game back in 2020 during covid. I did not expect it to take as long as it has but it has opened my eyes to how much work goes into making games.

Q: Do you use AI voice over?

  • No, I did most of the characters voices although some people have shown an interest in doing some characters so this may change! I've always loved doing voices since playing games such as Mario 64, Lylat wars & Diddy Kong racing etc.

Q: Do you use AI art?

  • No, I like to support other artists and do pixel art myself.

Q: Will the game be coming to other platforms?

  •  Currently the game is coming to Steam (windows) but there may be plans to port to: Playstation, Nintendo & Xbox in the future! There have been some requests so I might release on other platforms over time.

Q: Did you use assets to make this game?

  •  No, everything is custom made in this game (so far). I am not against using some assets (for minor things) but I wanted to get the full experience of making a game for this one.

Q: Can the game be played in single player?

  •  Yes, you can play with the AI teammates in single player. It also supports drop-in / drop-out local co-op.

Q: Why are there no difficulty modes?

  • The games uses a level director system (similar to left 4 dead but simpler) to put the right amount of pressure on based on your performance. There are also multiple other ways the game is auto-balanced but I don't want to spoil it. I'm also not a massive fan of difficulty modes which would be an essay for me to write.

Q: How did you get into games development?

  • I was 5 when I decided I wanted to work in video games after playing Mario on the NES and when the main menu screen loaded up I said: “I wanna make a game!” – I spent quite some years trying to break into the industry as a games tester hoping to move into level design. I used to draw mazes when I was a kid and bring them into school for other kids to play. Started copying characters out of instruction manuals, made my own little comics and things.
  • Eventually I learned how to make levels using Worldcraft which later got renamed the Hammer level editor - I would build arena shooter style maps with bots to play against/with.  I also dabbled with RPG maker when I was a teenager and so on.

Q: How do you find solo games development?

  •  Honestly, it is the most challenging job I have had to do (I've done a few different things). Hopefully in future I can work with more people! 

Q: What do you do as a solo games developer?

  •  I programmed the game, pixel art, animations, voice acting, created the narrative and did the sound FX as well as some ambient tracks. Also other things such as: UI/UX etc etc. Dipping my toes into marketing now.

Q: What other games are you working on right now?

  •  Currently I am working on Crystal comet but I have hundreds of ideas written down so will have plenty to choose from when this is done!

Q: What is the story of Crystal comet?

  •  Crystal comet is set in a cosmic dystopian galaxy. It was a fairly peaceful galaxy until the arrival of the Crystal comet which caused the entire galaxy to go insane fighting against each other for control. The four heroes form an alliance to go after it whilst having to fight against everyone and everything along the way. There are multiple endings to the game...

Q: What inspired you to make Crystal comet?

  •  I love games with AI teammates such as: Starfox & Left 4 dead. Also arena shooters. A lot of inspiration also came from old-school 2d shoot em' ups and twin stick shooters as well as other indie games. The initial 'spark' came from space shooter sections in a game called "Battletoads 2020".

Q: Do you have a Demo? 

  •  I am currently working through the closed beta feedback and once things are up to scratch I will begin working on a demo.

Q: How much will the game cost?

  • Digital version of the game will be: £9.99, $9.99, €9.99. There may be plans for physical release in the future! 
  • Price will vary if there is a physical release.

Q: Are you looking for funding/investment to further your games development?

  •  The game is pretty much done. Just working on polishing and bug fixing etc. Although I would be open to offers.

Q: When do you plan on launching Crystal comet?

  •  Hoping for 04/04/2024. Keep an eye on my Twitter for announcements.

Q: What stores is your game on?

Q: What are your plans for the future?

  • I would like to set up a small team to make much more indie games but who knows what will happen!

Q: Are you going to add localisation to the game?

  • I would love to add localisation to the game however I just don't have the budget for that right now. Probably in the future!